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Since humanity began, we have had love for our planet Earth and passion for revolution when it is needed. Many have called for peaceful revolution for decades.
Whether you have openly called for revolution for years, or whether you choose to do so silently now only in your heart billions want a well done revolution, today!
Love Earth Revolution is a project affiliated with the International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment (IAACM). Watch this page, because we will have exciting news about Love Earth Revolution soon.

“With whatever discomfort or anger one might have for the current election process, it is not the time to face it with anger and discontent. There never has been a time when a life in radiance and love has been more important. So let your wildest and craziest love and fun infect every environment.”

The physician clown Patch Adams, MD has been the honorary chair of IAACM since 2008. If you believe in the principles of the person who first envisioned the IAACM, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, you are one of the leaders, if you choose.
On 6 December 2016 Patch made the above statement of support and anticipation of this emergence.

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